Saturday, March 1, 2008

video wars and red phones has some great new posts out there!

The original Hillary "red phone" ad and lots of news updates

Two videos of yore (Bill Clinton highlighting the need to support a candidate representing hope and change instead of fear). The first is from 2004 (Bill C. was endorsing Kerry here); the second is from Bill C.'s own presidential run in the 90s.

The official Barack Obama response video, and the John McCain 3AM video (from which Hillary borrowed liberally for her "red phone" ad).

The Sunday news talk shows on 3/2/08 had some good follow-up. Check out George Stephanopoulos's conversation with Clinton and Obama's top advisors.

Keith Olbermann also had some great perspective:

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson later denounced Sen. Clinton's ad. Not quite as good as an endorsement, but still, welcome commentary from Richardson, whose foreign policy experience is substantial.

And finally (whew) here's documentation from Slate that proves that negative ads turn off undecideds.

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