Monday, March 3, 2008

Disloyal Democrat...

As seen on the Daily Kos:

Hillary Clinton told reporters that both she and the presumtive Republican nominee John McCain offer the experience to be ready to tackle any crisis facing the country under their watch, but Barack Obama simply offers more rhetoric. "I think you'll be able to imagine many things Senator McCain will be able to say," she said. "He’s never been the president, but he will put forth his lifetime of experience. I will put forth my lifetime of experience. Senator Obama will put forth a speech he made in 2002."

So Sen. Clinton is now saying that Sen. McCain would make a better president than would Sen. Obama. Now THERE is some serious party loyalty. This is not the same Sen. Clinton who, during one of the recent debates, smilingly said that she would work to see that a Democrat is elected in the fall, regardless. This is not throwing "the kitchen sink" at Obama...this is throwing President Taft's 300-pound-man-capacity bathtub.

To repeat:

"[McCain’s] never been the president, but he will put forth his lifetime of experience."

So...Obama wouldn't put forth his lifetime of experience? Also...NONE OF THE THREE OF YOU have "been the president". Honestly, Sen. Clinton, I know you're a bit low on ethics of late, but I'd always thought of you as at least quite intelligent. What is the deal here?

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune reports that phonebankers for HRC are guilty of the Obama/Osama "slip-up".

Further, reports CBS, Clinton says "I'm just getting warmed up" when asked about her plans to leave the race.

Keith Olbermann has some great perspective on this fine mess:

Here's more on the topic at

Please contact DNC Chair Howard Dean and tell him that this kind of destructive politics --- fueled by hubris and entitlement rather than regard for her party or the American people --- cannot be allowed to stand.


SuperTricolor said...

What she wants is to deliver this election to McCain. If she is the nominee she will lose and we'll have 8 more years of Bush!

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