Tuesday, March 4, 2008

OJ Simpson, redux

The Daily Kos has a scoop about potential video shenanigans by the Clinton campaign: Was footage of Obama systematically darkened by the Clinton campaign for one of its ads?

Fox News picked it right up, as well.

Original and doctored pictures of the original photo-doctoring of OJ (in the 1990s) included, for good measure.

You be the judge.


Synergist said...

Well, it's rather ironic, don't you think? He's been accused of being "not black enough" because he's bi-racial, and now somebody's trying to adjust that. What's next, Hillary's head on Ann Margaret's body?

Elise said...

Some have said he's "not black enough", and apparently Hillary now thinks he's "too black". He was "too professorial" when he answered questions in minute detail, and now he's too much about "soaring rhetoric".

Honestly, if we could just all quit the nitpicking and keep comparing Obama's policies vs. Clinton's and McCain's, and their personal styles as well, we'd be a lot better off.