Sunday, March 9, 2008

Contact has a bar on the top of its "Politics" page with tabs for Clinton and McCain, as well as "Election Center" and "More Topics"

Routinely over the past weeks, they have had no such tab for "Obama". It's becoming a CHRONIC problem...witness the tiny tortoise next to the raspberry, pictured!

Please contact and tell them to stop being the "Clinton News Network".

While you're at it, cc: the top brass at the FCC:

Chairman Kevin J. Martin:

Commissioner Michael J. Copps:

Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein:

Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate:

Commissioner Robert McDowell:

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Ann said...

I am married to a Native American, who could really complain, but past is past. I do not know where I am from and because of that I am the one that is most discriminated against. I am not eligible for any special benefits such as free medical services, free schooling, etc. Black Americans, yes were mistreated but their children are much better off now than they would have been had they not been brought to America. Look at living conditions and wars in Africa and
South America. No freedom or special benefits in most of these countries. Wright has let hatered overcome his homework. He certainly should not be causing trouble but should look at the good that has come to all of us that now live in America and be saying "God Bless America" We are still the most giving nation in the world but for "DR" Wright to say "GOD DAM AMERICA" shows what kind of heart that he has and what kind of "master" that he would have been, had he owed slaves. People that agree with him are also hard, ungiving people that I would not like to be around. Obama had appeared to be such a fine man and I am very disappointed. Not that it matters, but Wright speakes about the white wealth. Take a close look at his financial status. I dare someone from CNN to do that! He and Obama are both much richer that most of us "plain white folks".
Ann Hardin
Gastonia, NC