Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Christopher Hitchens: Hillary is a "wounded Puma"

One of my favorite intellectuals, Christopher Hitchens (a Brit who just joined us as an American citizen, due to his admiration of the precious rights given us by our founders in our Constitution), calls a spade a spade on the Clinton candidacy. He isn't a big Obama fan either (calling him "shallow and flaky"), nor does he seem to know about the Peter Paul trial and Sen. Clinton's ties to that corrupt mess. Further, as one of the world's most prominent Atheists, Hitchens is none too fond of Obama's ties to his church...but that's nothing unusual for Hitchens, and nothing personal against Obama. Hitchens's broadly anti-religious ideas are well known.

In this MSNBC Morning Joe video, Hitchens likened Hillary to "the undead" who will need a "stake through her heart" before she quits. Meanwhile, Sen. Clinton had a fun-loving exchange on Fox News, via a passed note, with The Architect himself: Karl Rove. It's funhouse mirror time, folks!

But Hitch has sure got Clinton's number, and he's got great advice for Obama on strategy. Too bad he can't be bothered to show up 100% sober for his interviews, but...hey, the guy has interesting insights, at the very least. Further, for some reason (he's a Brit? He's an atheist? He has a better vocabulary than the entire Morning Joe staff combined?), they actually let him speak and don't interrupt much. That alone is a victory.


Miss Mickey said...

Thanks for posting this - and for emailing the Obama group. I never would have seen it otherwise.

I love Christopher Hitchens - despite his faults and the things I disagree with him about - he is a very, very interesting man.

Synergist said...

He had a long night, but if you can get past his manner he does offer up food for thought.

Chude said...

Wait a second folks! Is a British accent and an elite education still all it takes to be taken seriosly? Since when is calling Barack Obama or any other US presidencial candidate a "flack" through the hazy residue of smoke and booze considered meaningful by any stretch of the imagination? Maybe a Bloody Mary will give him some clarity. And, maybe those gushing over Mr. Hitchens' accent should jump in a cold shower!

Elise said...


While I find his habits reprehensible (I divorced my first husband because he wouldn't even try to stop drinking and smoking), I found his points about Sen. Clinton to be spot-on. He pointed out that Sen. Clinton was saying "I won FL and MI" when very few others would.

But --- full disclosure. I'm an atheist. He's an extremely prominent writer on atheism. I'm sure I'm affected by that.

As he finds out more about Obama's POV on the Constitution and pluralism, I'm sure that Hitchens will come around a bit. He will at least dislike Obama the least of the remaining field...they're ALL too religious for his taste, but at least Obama is truly knowledgeable about our founding documents.

Come to think of it, I should write to Hitchens and set him straight on that front.

And for what it's worth, the accent does nothing for me. Margaret Thatcher never won me over, for instance. ;^)