Thursday, March 6, 2008

Letters to the Editor: Pennsylvania

For LTTEs, please consider these talking points...

...or any topic that particularly captures your reason and passions! Tell them why you support Obama, and what motivates you to keep speaking out on his behalf.

Please helps! You can write the same letter, just address it "to the Editor", and put the addressees in the "BCC" (blind cc:) field. That way, the recipients will think the letter was custom-tailored for their paper.


Here are a few newspaper outlets in particular that the Hillary campaign is officially asking their supporters to target. Please be sure that you include the following newspaper outlets in your media communications for Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania: York

York Daily Record
Susan Martin Metro Editor (717) 771-2039


York Dispatch
Beth Lefebvre City Editor (717) 854-1575 x426


Pennsylvania: Harrisburg

Skip Wachter News Editor (717) 255-8100


Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Philadelphia Daily News
Kurt Heine City Editor (215) 854-2000


Pennsylvania: Phoenixville

Jason Feather Managing Editor
(610) 933-8926 x627


Pennsylvania: Sunbury

Daily Item
Leonard Ingrassia Editor (570) 286-5671


Pittsburgh Post/Gazette
34 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Philadelphia Inquirer - Blog

Philadelphia Inquirer - Letters to the Editor and OpEd

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Letters to the Editor

(guidelines for submission)

Pittsburgh Tribune Review - Letter to the Editor


PA Politics blog


And here's a list of garden-variety possibilities for letters to the editor:


Erin L. Delaney said...

Which media are these names from?
Are there phone numbers?

Erin L. Delaney said...

these contacts would be better if we were sure the contact was an obama supporter already if we are going to discuss obama. The chances of anything you write to them being published or story ideas you may send are best sent to someone who agrees with you.

Elise said...


They're emails of editors of PA newspapers.

Yep, it's best if you can real the online versions of those newspapers first to get a lay of the land.

markg8 said...

Just emailed this out to every one of those mail addresses that worked:

"Recently US House Rep Steven King of IA expounded on what will undoubtedly be the Republican/Bush/McCain line of attack against Barack Obama in the coming months. It's the same old "defeatocrat" theme we've been hearing for years that says leaving Iraq will be a victory for the terrorists.

Six and a half years after 9/11 we still haven't killed or captured Osama Bin Laden. Numerous government reports from the DoD and elsewhere say that AQ has not only regrouped in Pakistan but is stronger now than they were in 2001. The Taliban once again control vast swaths of Afghanistan. All while the Bush Administration ineffectually funnels billions to Musharraf's military. The Pakistani dictator uses those funds not to route out these foreign fighters from his northwest territories but to maintain his increasingly weak grip on power and to expand his conventional and nuclear threat against Israel and India. It's the height of insanity to sell him F-16 fighter bombers that can be used to deliver nuclear weapons.

It's widely known that anger about the occupation of Iraq aids Al Qaeda recruiting all over the world. Our marines and army are being crippled there. Tens of thousands of young officers and non coms, who should be the backbone of our military for decades to come are leaving those services. Forty two percent of our equipment is worn out from use and abuse in the Iraqi desert. We're borrowing $190 billion a year that we can't afford refereeing a civil war where all sides agree on one thing: they'll dance in the streets when Americans leave. Occupying Iraq isn't the solution to the problem, it IS the problem.

Senator Obama has it right. We should end the occupation of Iraq, support efforts to build democracy there, in Pakistan and Afghanistan and redeploy our forces judicially to destroy once and for all any organized threat posed by those in Pakistan and Afghanistan who planned and executed the 9/11 attacks. Anything else is a misguided foolish waste of our resources, our soldiers' lives and American power.

It's an eminently sensible position that's been sadly lacking in DC for too long. He's shown the judgment it requires to be president, much more so than Hillary Clinton and her misguided call for "coercive diplomacy". She seems to think it's still 1992. Somebody should tell her that the Iranian mullahs, Putin, the Red Chinese, Hugo Chavez and Saudi princes all believe in political blackmail too. Our military, economic and diplomatic power have been squandered so badly by President Bush over the last eight years that against all but the weakest adversaries coercion will not work. We're more likely to be the target of such efforts if she or McCain become president. Now is no time to elect a candidate who increasingly sounds like she wants to prove how tough she is instead of how smart she can be.

John McCain is a bona fide war hero but he wants to continue the occupation of Iraq like he's Ahab pursuing his own personal great white whale. That kind of stubbornness should be rejected. Regardless of how long we stay in Iraq, be it a month or 100 years in the end we are and will be propping up a corrupt government that has shown it's more closely aligned with Iran than the United States. That's not worth one more American life, limb or dollar.

We need to get out of Iraq, restore our economy and alliances, and kill or capture Al Qaeda's leadership once and for all. We need to wean ourselves off foreign oil
and dry up the swamps of anti American hatred Bush's wrongheaded foreign policy has increased exponentially. Jihadis may be dancing in the streets when we leave Iraq like they've scored a touchdown but those cheers will stop when they call the bosses in Pakistan and nobody is left to pick up the phone.

I urge the people of Pennsylvania to take these facts into account and vote for the only candidate who isn't bound by failed policies and positions of the past: Barack Obama."

Beth said...

Beth Lefebvre no longer works at The York Dispatch -- hasn't for about 3-4 years. I'd suggest addressing your comments to just "Editor"