Thursday, March 27, 2008

A delegate speaks...

Sen. Clinton is now targeting not only Superdelegates, but pledged delegates like myself:

It's going to be 1968 all over again if she manages to overturn the popular vote with this tactic.

I wasn't going to run as a delegate past the District Caucus on April 5th until she started this. Now I'm running as far as I can because I know I can't be bought or swayed. My precinct went 6 to 1 for Obama, and my District (Washington 46th) went overwhelmingly for Obama.

Kevin Boske

Washington 46th district

Please write letters to the editor, contact Nancy Pelosi, contact Howard Dean at the DNC, etc., and protest this situation. It's time for this miscarriage of democracy to end. If Sen. Clinton can't run on her own record, and run on the rules, then she must withdraw.

Not surprisingly, Sen. Clinton's actions with pledged delegates are failing to favorably impress many Superdelegates.

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