Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's address on race

Obama's wife Michelle watched the address from the audience, obviously overcome with emotion.


Trudy D. said...

Am I the only one sick and tired of the character assassination of Reverend Wright and the "guilty by association" coverage in the media? Two days ago Sean Hannity said that Obama's donations will dry up now that they see what a racist his Reverend is. I immediately responded by donating $50 to Obama's campaign. Then it dawned on me that we can use this tactic to stop the "fear and smear" tactics used against him. Every time we, as Obama supporters see, hear, or read something that is off the issues that he is running on (Iraq, economy, health care, education, etc..) we email or write the purveyor of the smear and inform them that we want to hear about the issues and in response to the smear we have just donated to Obama's campaign. It doesn't have to be much, because it could get expensive individually, but collectively I believe it could make a huge impact. We are collectively voting with our dollars and in a capitalistic society, money matters. As the Obama bashers see his coffers increase, then maybe they'll remember to shut the f--- up and stick to the issues.

Elise said...


Love your idea!!!

The campaign tends to pick up on some of these, but we could do even more. I've personally given as much major $ as I can (over a grand --- kind of a lot for a high school teacher!), but I can throw another $10 in here and there.

Thanks for posting,