Friday, March 7, 2008

Middle school party game: lecturing about Islamic law

More middle-school antics from the Clinton camp:

Watch this video of a party guest at one of Clinton's events recently... Mr. HillaryFan says...Islam seems to have a rule that if your father was a Muslim, so are you.*

Which works fine, unless your father was an absentee dad who left your family two years after you were born, and then only saw you one more time, years later, before passing away.

And unless your mother was an agnostic...or, as Obama describes her in one of his books, an atheist.

And unless your caring, involved grandparents (who raised you for part of your childhood) were Christians.

Nothing better than a non-Muslim holding forth on Islam, and how others ought to practice it. Nothing better.

Barack's Kenyan grandmother had this to say about Barack's father (her son):

Kenyan Grandmother Warns Against 'Untruths'

Sarah Hussein Obama, in pink at left, dances with villagers to welcome her visiting grandson on Aug. 26, 2006. She said her husband, Obama's grandfather, took the name Hussein when he converted to Islam but his children inherited only the name, not the religion.

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