Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The MAP to the Democratic nomination

This blog has been merely about my facilitation of clarifying, and making more accessible, the brilliant ideas of others. But I finally have a little idea of my very own! I guess sleep deprivation can really work wonders, sometimes...

Barack's MAP to the nomination:

MATH. Sen. Clinton can't make it work. She'd have to win every contest from here on out with 60+% margins. She failed to accomplish even one win of that magnitude last night.

ASSERTIVENESS. We have the facts on our side. They have smears, dressed up in Madison Avenue glossiness. Keep asserting the facts, civilly and clearly.

PATIENCE. A good two-word rule for patience: "have some". Let's "run out the clock".


Heather said...

Let US not run out the CLOCK...Let us expose the Clinton Campaign for what it is...and we have all seen first hand what it is.

Elise said...

Right. That's where the "assertiveness" comes in.

But the clock will be moving as we go.