Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last nail in the coffin...

I used to be more open-minded about the Democratic race. Hillary Clinton has done several things to lose my vote over the past few months, but nothing to equal her smearing of Obama on the topic of choice and women's health issues.

Please watch this video...

and then this video.

I'm one of the women in New Hampshire who was sent the misleading mailing by Clinton's campaign. Although I was initially shaken by it, but sue to my knowledge of Barack's positions, I wasn't swayed in my support for his campiagn --- but apparently, many other women were. After having worked my tail off for Barack in New Hampshire, to have him lose (not on the real issues, but rather due to unethical campaign tactics) was one of the toughest experiences I've had lately.

Senator Clinton, If you're intent on having a "conversation with America", please keep in mind that most people aren't terribly keen on having conversations with people who are intentionally disingenuous. It's beneath you and beneath the office you seek.

Please join me in thanking Lorna Brett Howard, via NARAL Pro-Choice New York (of which she is a member), for speaking out so clearly and courageously against this kind of unethical campaigning.

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