Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sen. Clinton's MO is time-tested

I frequently get upset about Sen. Clinton's way of doing business. But every time I do, my husband Rob sets me straight, telling me it 'twas ever thus. Never a fan of either Clinton, he frequently votes Republican (but like me, calls himself an independent, albeit more on the conservative side than I), but supported Richardson this year, and has admired Obama of late.

Here's a Wall Street Journal opinion article about Sen. Clinton's antics in her 2000 NY Senate race. An excerpt:

When the going gets tough, Mrs. Clinton seems to be telling us, women turn into victims. They are in too much pain--over their husbands' infidelities, over their own mistakes, over the possibility they might ever be called to account --- to be held accountable. Voters exist to serve as one big support group, expected en masse to shoulder the blame and pay the bill.

Here is video of a Clinton v. Lasio debate leading up to the 2000 NY Senate race, dealing with the issue of soft money. You'll find her tactics relatively familiar: smirking, dissembling, etc. (Ignore the "error" message...just press the "OK" button on the error message window and the video will play). She later spun Lazio's handing her the papers he wanted her to sign as a misogynist invasion of her space. You be the judge!

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