Saturday, February 16, 2008

Talking points

Those of you who are talking about Obama vs. Clinton with your friends, relatives, etc...

Here are some excellent, up-to-the-moment talking points you might keep in mind...


Obama is the only candidate to have released his tax forms. (neither McCain or Clinton have. Clinton says she will release hers if she receives the nomination, but by then it will be too late for Democratic voters to benefit much from that information).

Obama has released his earmarks. (Clinton has not)

Hillary Clinton reigns as the Queen of Federal Pork

Obama was rated #1 in environmental policy by the League of Conservation Voters, with a 96% rating overall

Obama was right about Pakistan, back when Hillary was calling him "naive"

Washington Post gave Obama's economic plan an A- and gave Hillary's a C.

Wall Street Journal preferred Obama's healthcare plan over Hillary Clinton's

Judge Obama by his legislative achievments, which are quite impressive, according to the Washington Post

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