Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Contact ABC's "The View"

The women on ABC's "The View" continue to keep the air charged with anti-Barack sentiment. A few of the hosts on the view have called him "Osama" several times each (pretending that it's actually a difficult name to pronounce). The best they seem to be able to suggest is that Obama just fall in line and become HRC's VP. Flagging the "experience" issue, and other assorted cliches. They never come out and say that they all just happen to be HRC supporters, but...they all are, and there's no semblence of balance.

As a fellow Obama supporter recently said:

These Osama references are disrespectful to a U.S. Senator, a presidential candidate, and the victims of 9/11.

Please contact The View and ask them to stick to celebrity interviews...something they're actually good at. Either that, or just be honest, ladies, and turn the title of the show into "This Day in Hillary History".

UPDATE, 2/16/08: Better yet...contact ABC itself...

UPDATE, 2/26/08: The View's biased coverage has continued...they said yesterday that Obama has "sponsored no bills in the senate" Wow! In addition to contacting ABC, please contact Cambell's Soup, one of The View's largest sponsors, and complain. If you'd rather call, their number is 800-257-8443.

UPDATE, 2/28/08: Whoopie reports that she didn't watch the most recent debate, yet she seems to feel herself qualified to influence millions of viewers. Please tell The View to GO BACK TO CELEBRITY COVERAGE --- they are not qualified to talk politics!


Anonymous said...

Here is the letter I posted to the View:

I just watched the discussion called Mobambo. I was very surprised at the misinformation that was presented in your discussion. I’d like to correct some of these ideas

1. Media is giving bad press for Hillary

I will acknowledge that the media has said things that should not have been said.

However, to I disagree that the bad press is unwarranted. She has run a scathing and negative campaign against Obama. While he holds his head high and holds his campaign to higher ethics, she as been busy with swiftboating him at every turn.

I also don’t agree that the press has been unduly against Hillary, in fact there are many cases where they do support her over Obama. Take for example, there is not a single day of elections that Hillary has won the most delegates. However, because of the superdelegates, the press continues to cast her as the winner.

2. Sexism in the reporting, needing fair and balanced reporting

I agree, sexism should be pointed out, and it should be fought at every turn. But, if you argue for fair and balanced reporting, then you should also be spending equal time discussing her racist comments (her staff admits to playing the race card), the untruthfulness of the snub, and the over the top conspiracy of the health care criticisms.

I’d also like to ask that you approach this objectively. While some of the comments are sexist, a derogatory comment is not sexist just because it is derogatory and Hillary is a woman. Hillary is a presidential candidate, and her history and campaign are all fair discussion for critique. Hillary’s campaign has given many of us, including the media, lots of material to be angry about. Disenfranchising voters is one example. It has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman. This has led avid supporters to criticize her, such as the president of Chicago’s chapter of NOW, Lorna Barrett.


3. Walters claims Obama has no experience

It is fair to say that Hillary has good experience. It is not fair to say that Obama does not. In fact, his record in the legislature is very impressive. He has passed legislation on nuclear disarmament, alternative energy, government ethics haled as the Golden Standard, he established a a working, affordable health care plan in Illinois, that covers 70,000 kids and 84,000 adults, where all kids qualify for $40 per child. Obama sponsored and passed this legislation, working with Rod R. Blagojevich(IL Gov.) See All Kids http://www.allkids.com/ . It is a model for a workable, affordable national health care. He has a 100% pro-choice voting record, he has passed legislation on equal pay for women, and other women’s rights issues. See here for a detailed list of his accomplishements:


And here for a resume styled list culled from Obama’s web sites:


4. Whoopi pointed out that Obama has a better chance of winning.

It’s nice to finally see a fair point being made that is supported by data.

5. Republicans lethal

They will be lethal to either candidate. In fact, Hillary has not had to stand up to the Republicans. Her first election to the Senate was won when Giuliani dropped out. Her second election opponent was underfunded. From the time of the White House to now, we have lots of new things to explore, especially with Bill’s Foundation that have already started to open very difficult questions.

6. Personal note to Whoopi: I have been a fan of yours for 20 years. At one time, you were poignant, direct, and a fighter for the people. Now, you support Hillary, because someone told you she was the first to speak out against subsidies for companies exporting jobs? It’s a valid cause, I agree, but please explore the candidates more deeply. There are many important issues that separate them, such as judgment, ability to find consensus, difference in funding support, backing of the military and military supporting votes, real legislation produced, and many more issues.

Elise said...

Thanks, Kiku!

RCD said...

Why I am no longer watching or supporting “The View.”

As a 30-something year-old woman, I have always watched The View and supported the career of Barbara Walters, even during the “rocky” times when the show was making its MANY transitions. However, I am disturbed at the recent conversations, “jokes” and “slip of the tongue” that Whoopi Goldberg and some of the other guests are doing each week when it comes to Sen. Barack Obama’s name.

We are in the midst of a heated election season and I feel there has not been fair and accurate media coverage on The View when it comes to the candidates. However, I understand that it is NOT a news show.

I have the utmost respect for Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton in their presidential bids.

Ever since Iowa, these slips of the tongue and jokes are disturbing and have happened repeatedly (almost every other day). I can no longer accept that it is an “accident”, nor do I find it funny. Actually, it is a rather disturbing habit.

Barack Obama is a senator and a presidential candidate.

Osama bin Laden is a murderer and terrorist that was the mastermind behind the killing of thousands of Americans on 9/11. Furthermore, he is a terrorist that is STILL on the loose!!

It is disgraceful, disgusting and absolutely irreprehensible for Whoopi Goldberg or any other people on the show to start this trend of casual “slips of the tongue” linking Obama to such a horrible human being that has caused many of us pain in the U.S. and around the world.

At the very least, ABC SHOULD be concerned because this behavior cheapens the reputation and credibility of The View, as well as insults some of the viewers who find these actions in poor taste.

My requests:
1.) Whoopi Goldberg be fired;
2.) Whoopi Goldberg and any other co-hosts be reprimanded for this behavior and maybe “go on vacation” for a little while;
3.) Networks executive address this issues with Whoopi and the other co-host’s use of Sen. Obama’s name in connection to a known and feared terrorist.

*If this continues and my requests and concerns as a viewer are not taken seriously, then the next step is to contact the sponsors of The View and boycott their products.

Robyn C. Donaldson, J.D.

Elise said...

Thanks, RCD! Very clearly stated!

Chude said...

Here is my letter to ABC Network and The View:

Dear ABC Network:

I have enjoyed The View since its conception and I often disagree with the opinion of your hosts which is fine with me because that is the point of the show. But when your hosts continue to misinform the public about a particular presidential candidate and systematically refer to them in a derogatory manner as they have done in the case of Senator

Obama, then it is a problem. This is disturbing since we are knee deep in the most important election year my generation has ever witnessed. The latest misinformation was delivered by non other than Barbara Walters when she stated, as fact, that Senator Obama "had not sponsored any legislation in the Senate" which is incorrect. The Senator has sponsored over a hundred pieces of legislature of which many have been passed or agreed to by the Sen ate. Here are a few:

S.CON.RES.25 : A concurrent resolution condemning the recent violent actions of the Government of Zimbabwe against peaceful opposition party activists and members of civil society. Sponsor: Sen Obama, Barack[IL] (introduced 3/29/2007)

S.J.RES.23 : A joint resolution clarifying that the use of force against Iran is not authorized by the Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq, any resolution previously adopted, or any other provision of law.Sponsor: Sen Obama, Barack[IL] (introduced 11/1/2007)

S.115 : A bill to suspend royalty relief, to repeal certain provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal certain tax incentives for the oil and gas industry.Sponsor: Sen Obama, Barack [IL] (introduced 1/4/2007)

It took me less than one minute to find all 113 on the internet! Here is the source of the information below http://thomas.loc.gov/. Please inform your hosts and viewers about this mistake. I am sure Barbara would like the public to know that she is well informed and that her intent was not to deliberately misinform us.

In anticipation of your cooperation thank you for your commitment to your viewers in bringing us informal but fair and balanced view on The View!

Chude Mondlane
New York

Elise said...

Thanks, RCD and Churde, for sending your wonderful letters.

teamryan said...

ARE YOU KIDDING? The view Anti-Obama? I think not. Their STRONG liberal democrat comments clearly shine through. 4 out of 5 of the hosts on that show will be voting for Sen. Obama. They attacked John McCain like vultures on his last appearance.I agree that the view should stick to interviewing celebrities, but they certainly have been much kinder to senator Obama.