Saturday, May 31, 2008

that's show bizness

Footage from the 5/31 DNC Rules Committee Meeting. Much less drama than was promised/feared:

...and Clinton operative Harold Ickes gets a bit of a reality check:


Kevin said...

Actually, there was quite a bit of drama. CNN's feed picked up the audio much better. It was so bad and so disgraceful that the RBC had to pause, reprimand HRC supporters, and request security to position themselves and close all doors. They refused to listen to any reasoned discussion from the RBC, even from HRC representatives who understood the need for compromise. Some got up and left when Obama representatives spoke.

That's show business, alright.

Elise said...

Hi Kevin,

I'm sure there were seriously ruffled feathers on the HRC camp's side...but also, from reports I've encountered, I believe there was only a small fraction of the numbers of HRC's protesters present compared to what had been expected(?).

Kevin said...

True, there certainly weren't the busloads that we were told we could anticipate. I'd say about 50-75 outside, and 40-60 inside. With probably 400+ public attendees, HRC supporters were a drop in the bucket.

That said, there are several possible explanations for their low turnout, most of which I hope speak well for the party.