Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get-well card drive for Sen. Kennedy

Sadly, progressive champion Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor this week. Senator Kerry will hand deliver a card (initiated by with all the signatures and well wishes to Senator Kennedy. Please add your name and message.

While you're at it, here's a dispatch from one of my fellow Obama Rapid Response members:

MSNBC has been plaguing Senator Kennedy at his home in Hyannis. There is a helicopter dispatched to gather "news" while this man is attempting to recuperate and face cancer. Honestly, this is repugnant and this is part of the politics and media behavior these past years that is truly inhumane and disrespectful.

I know everyone is working on Obama's campaign, but we have some influence in numbers and calling off this kind of invasive torment on behalf of our supporter Senator Kennedy may be a way we can help.

Please join me in writing to MSNBC to ask that they stop the helicopters over the compound and stalking papparazi lurking around the ocean and grounds.

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Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

This is a great idea! Thank you for posting this.