Thursday, May 8, 2008

what counts on Planet Clinton

From a fellow member of the Obama Rapid Response group:

Today Sen. Clinton stated that Obama has a problem with hard-working white Americans who had not completed college (implying he'd therefore have a tough time winning the general election).

So to sum up...Here's who/what doesn't count, according to Sen. Clinton:

White Americans who have completed college;
Wall Street (they're money grubbers);
Economists (they're "elitists");
3.5 million party "activists" that provide a "gusher of money" and major voter mobilization capabilities;
African-American voters;
Young voters;
Educated voters;
Women who support Obama;
Over 1.5 million individual Obama donors;
Former Clinton superdelegates;
Former Clinton cabinet members;
Small states, red states, caucus states, total states won;
Popular vote;
Pledged delegates.

Here's a link to video of the Clinton campaign's Wolfson spinning on Hardball...more of the same.

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