Monday, May 5, 2008

Olbermann on McClinton's pandering "Hail Mary pass" gas tax holiday plan

Here's a Newsweek article explaining why the gas tax "holiday" simply will not work...

UPDATE, 5/3/08: estimates job losses of 20,000 or more in California alone if a gas tax holiday is implemented. Road workers are on payrolls, Sen. Clinton...and they can't just go out and make a few college speeches to make up the difference, like your hubby can.

Meanwhile, 200 economists have stood up against Sen. Clinton's gas plan. Not that she's listening.

UPDATE, 5/5/08:

Here's a new ad Obama is running on the gas tax issue:

FLIP the SCRIPT: The Bill Clinton Library is the beneficiary of a $10 million donation from the Saudis. Does that boost Sen. Clinton's credibility on energy policy?

Of course not. Which is why she's going on the attack against Obama instead. Here's her latest ad from Indiana:

Here's video of Barack on yesterday's Meet the Press. The differences between his policy and Sen. Clinton's couldn't be much clearer.


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