Sunday, April 20, 2008

If anyone is an "elitist", it must be Hillary

This Indiana columnist calls it as he sees it.


I hope a beer at Bronko's doesn't fool anyone.

When Hillary Clinton stopped for a shot and a beer Saturday night, she was doing little more than pandering to the working class. Anyone wearing a blue collar should have been offended.

Hillary was trying to lay it on thick, just a few hours after calling Barack Obama "an elitist."

Hillary hasn't wanted for anything in her life. She went to Wellesley College, a private school in Massachusetts. From there it was on to Yale Law School and then into big-money law firms. She spent a stint as first lady of Arkansas and then first lady of the United States.

When Obama graduated from law school, he moved to the south side of Chicago to become a community organizer to help those who had lost jobs in steel and other manufacturing industries.

He saw first-hand what it was like to lose a job and a home and one's pride. He tried to get people trained for other jobs. And he did it all making peanuts -- not the kind of money he could have made as a Harvard law grad.

So last week when Obama said people were "bitter" about being out of work after watching their manufacturing jobs shipped abroad, he knew what he was talking about.

Plus: fun video!

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