Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And now...

The moment (well, one of the moments) we've been waiting for...


Yes, we all know she's "Queen of Pork", so there's probably not much that will be surprising here...other than "WOW, her EARMARKS ARE THREE TIMES MORE THAN ANY OTHER SENATOR'S" (yes, I'm shouting. Sorry.) The important thing is that she's finally done what Sen. Obama did months ago, and made her earmarks public. about

The 2007 Clinton taxes?

The Clinton Library/Foundation donor list (the latter should be most interesting in these days of $3.50+/galon gasoline...plenty of Saudi money there)?

Returning the $800K in lobbying fees from the Colombians?


Fun facts for letters to the editor. The mainstream media is falling down on the job on covering these questions. Keep them on the front burner!

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Synergist said...

The oldest rule in policital reporting is "Follow the money."

Jeremiah Wright can use the spotlight to his financial benefit, and he's doing so. Senator Clinton has seen fit to use the earmarks system, which had a good intent, to shovel money into places that will insure her votes...

Meanwhile, for the media, it's all ratings, which is their new version of following the money. Why report on "We still didn't find Bin Laden" or military casualties in Iraq or Afghanistan when there's juice in tying a prominent politician to a scandal? You see, they don't care about reporting, the care about ratings.

Ironically, the Obama/Wright story is not about racism anymore, although that's a great soundbite to get people to tune in: it's about "like-me-ism" as noted elsewhere.

But there's no money in spinning it that way, is there?

When we seek understanding, particularly of political machinations such as pork earmarks, the old reporters rule still applies: Follow the money, not the spin.