Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beyond the "bitter" soundbites...

This is a video which includes some soundbites which have been ruffling feathers in the heartland.

Here's the full speech.

Here's a poll from CNN's Lou Dobbs, asking a rather leading question about whether Barack is "elitist" because he's calling it as he sees it re: the poor economy in Pennsylvania. Please vote! Scroll down a bit, on the right.

Here is more CNN coverage of the Clinton and McCain campaigns, attempting to make all of this spin-worthy. Gotta love the pandering tone Sen. Clinton takes towards Pennsylvanians. She said it herself: "Pennsylvanians don't need a president who looks down on them". She should check the mirror!

UPDATE, 4/12/08:

Unfortunately, other than the video above, CNN's coverage has been disappointing. A fellow member of the Obama Rapid Response group writes the following:

CNN really blew it on this one. If they get enough calls...

CNN has finally driven me over the edge. Their biased coverage tonight included an all-night Headline : "OBAMA SLAMS SMALL TOWN AMERICA" and they did not even play his response in Terre Haute, IN explaining what he actually said. They only showed a brief clip of him attacking Clinton & McCain. I saw him on YouTube long before they played anything, so it's not because they didn't have the video. Candy Crowley was at his event and she actually lied about it.

They were reporting all kinds of wild stories that "Obama is out of the race" and "It's over" all while taking one little tiny snippet of what he said and spinning it. Is that what a news organization is supposed to do?

Call their viewer comment line and leave a message about their disgraceful "yellow" journalism of misleading viewers and distorting the facts.

CNN Viewer Comment Line 404-827-1500 -24 HOURS. Voicemail.

UPDATE, 4/13/08:

Please sign this petition from the Obama Campaign: you agree with Barack's statement about blue collar Pennsylvania!

UPDATE, 4/14/08: New video of Barack from Steelton, PA:

UPDATE, 4/15/08: Video of Barack saying all the same things he said about Pennsylvania, but saying it much better and in a much more relaxed context on PBS's Charlie Rose show:

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