Monday, April 14, 2008


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Carl Bernstein's View: a Hillary Clinton Presidency

This is a hysterical reality check, and something that we should really try to emphasise in PA. Locally, this story is just plain stupid. It's the mainstream cable new networks who are tyring to make it something it's not. And as long as we continue at the local level to push the positives about Barack's vision while at the national level continue to place as much pressure on the MSM as we can, we will ultimately succeed.

See....they guys with guns don't have any problem with what he said!

Have you seen the clips of Obama calling Hillary "Annie Oakley" and wondered why? She just told the world she's a gun nut and has been all her life! Let the shot of truth ring out:

Obama Interview on "Charlie Rose" in 2004 talking about guns & religion and how the Democrats need to address this to win elections! The exact same point HRC is calling him "elitist" for..

See....the newspaper endorsements just keep rolling in" "Small town" Allentown paper endorses Obama:

Scranton Times Tribune Endorses Obama while HRC was in her "home town" today slamming him. Ouch!:

Obama elitist? The comparative figures don't support THAT one. The majority of his money came from the proceeds from his books. How about the rest of them?

Oh, okay....I think I understand now where the money comes from:

Women are turning away from HRC:

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