Thursday, January 31, 2008

Write a letter to the editor!

Now is the PERFECT time.

Choose a topic which is most important to you. Choose a paper which is nearby to you (or a national paper, like USA today). Keep it personal to you.

Here is a list of daily newspapers from Obama's website. Email is preferred, given the short timeframe; most papers prefer emailed letters, anyway.


Some possible talking points to consider, updated 2/1/08:

* Yesterday, the American people saw that this choice in this election is clear - it's about the past versus the future, and Barack Obama represents the future. The American people are ready to turn the page on the failed politics and policies of the past. Obama is the only candidate who can take on the special interests, put an end to petty partisanship, be honest with American people about the challenges we face, and unite this nation around a common purpose so we can finally start making progress for ordinary Americans.

* Barack Obama has a plan to make health care affordable and accessible for all Americans. The reason people go without health insurance isn't because no one forced them to buy it; it's because no one has made it affordable. That's why Obama's plan focuses on bringing costs down, so that we can cover every American. As President, Obama will bring Democrats and Republicans together to stand up to the drug and insurance companies - that's how he delivered health insurance for hundreds of thousands of Illinois families, and that's how he'll pass universal health care as President.

* Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton disagreed on the most important foreign policy decision in a generation. Obama strongly opposed the war, and predicted its disastrous consequences. Hillary Clinton voted for a resolution entitled a "Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States armed forces against Iraq." Being President is about judgment. Because you don't just have to be ready on Day One - you have to be right from Day One - and on the Iraq War, Obama has been right from the beginning.

* When he is the nominee, Barack Obama will provide a clear choice on national security. It's time for new leadership that understands that the way to win a debate with John McCain is not by nominating someone who agreed with him on voting for the war in Iraq; who agreed with him in voting to give George Bush the benefit of the doubt on Iran; and who agrees with him in embracing the Bush-Cheney policy of not talking to leaders we don't like. Obama will offer that contrast, because that's what America needs in our next Commander in Chief.

* The American people saw why Barack Obama is the best candidate to strengthen our economy so it works for ordinary Americans. He's been fighting for working Americans since he was a community organizer more than two decades ago and that's what he'll do as President. He'll provide a middle class tax cut so we can put more money into the pockets of working Americans and seniors, and he'll restore fairness to our tax code and balance to our economy. He'll give struggling homeowners the support they need and make sure that working Americans have decent wages, and pensions that are protected. And he'll change the politics in Washington that puts Wall Street ahead of Main Street.

* Obama showed why he's the Democrat who's most likely to win in November. Polls show Obama appeals to Republicans and Independents far more than Senator Clinton. He has brought tens of thousands of Americans into the political process for the first time. That's why he's the only candidate who can change the electoral math that's been all about division, and make it about addition. As our nominee, he'll help Democrats get elected across the country - especially in conservative areas where Democrats have not fared well for decades. Obama won't just win an election, he'll win a new majority for change, so we can finally solve the problems we've been talking about for decades.

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