Thursday, January 31, 2008


For awhile, it was all about "Change" vs. "Experience"

Then, in the leadup to South Carolina, it became about honesty.

Now, it seems to be back to JUDGMENT.

This video contains a few moments of Barack's October 2002 speech, where he first opposed the war. The rest of the video was lost...but the text was not.

In the creative, proactive manner of the Obama campaign, the rest of the text of the speech was re-enacted by supporters across the country. It speaks just as loudly today as it did then.

Lots of people say "I like Obama, but I just don't see that he's that different from Clinton on policy". Indeed, in terms of policy, there are many similarities, including health care plans which are (according to Barack's campaign itself) 95% similar.

The difference isn't really poicy. It's Judgment. Barack has it.

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