Tuesday, January 29, 2008

TV shananigans

From the Obama Rapid Response group:

See message below. Obama’s appearance on a local news station in Washington was preempted today for an infomercial. The station claimed it was ABC’s decision, who can be reached at 818-460-7477. Perhaps if we call, they will air it tomorrow.

From a fellow Washington Obama supporter:

My wife and I turned on KOMO-TV (Channel 4 in Seattle) this morning, as we often do at

9 AM on Sunday morning, to watch "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." We were particularly eager to watch this morning because George's "special guest" was Senator Obama on the morning after his dramatic and hugely important victory in the South Carolina primary. This was going to be Senator Obama's first opportunity following his extraordinary speech Saturday evening to speak about both the significance of that victory and of the tactics employed by Bill and Hillary Clinton in that campaign.

To our dismay, we found that KOMO-TV had preempted Senator Obama's appearance on "This Week" to show an "infomercial" on some skin care product.

I am concerned that this may have been a deliberate decision by KOMO management to preclude viewers in Washington state from seeing Senator Obama "up close and personal" on the morning immediately following his stunning victory and a mere two weeks before the Washington Democratic caucuses.

KOMO stated the pre-emption was ABC's decision. Please everyone, call ABC Monday to complain LOUDLY. The number KOMO gave me is 818-460-7477.

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