Friday, October 31, 2008

The Final Four Days...

One final task...

You know all about phone-banking and canvassing and visibility and hosting out-of-state volunteers. Hopefully you're doing, and have done, as many of these wonderful things as you can.

But here's something that needs to be done, yet is probably a little too warm-and-fuzzy for Obama's website to come right out and ask for:

If you're not one of the troops during these final four days...then FEED 'EM.

They're working very hard, it's getting cold out there throughout much of the country, and there's only so much pizza you can eat in a weekend. Besides, many canvassers and other volunteers are cash-strapped college students, some of whom come from out of state and spent their limited funds to get here.

Please make up a crock of chili or stew and put it in a Tupperware container (that you're not terribly attached to. You can put your name on it and try to get it back, but don't bank on it). Add a batch of brownies or a bag of apples. Pack up some paper plates or bowls, some napkins, and picnic flatware too, if you can.

Take the homemade nosh over to your nearest Obama HQ, the faces light up!!!

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