Friday, July 4, 2008

making himself clear

Isn't it great that Obama is willing to call the press back to clarify his position as much as possible when there's a question?

Seems that McCain is going to have a little more trouble getting too much momentum with the Spin Machine, at this rate.


Disgruntled said...

I really find this piece enlightening, brave and informative. I believe more people should be reading this.
Top Three things to Know Before Voting OBAMA:
(1) Obama needs to prove he is a US citizen -
(2) Obama is not an alternative to right wing McCain
(3) Read the book "Obama the Postmodern Coup" to see he will support war and repressive social policies

Elise said...

Hey Disgruntled...

I have to go. I have an appointment back on Planet Earth.

Your tinfoil hat has a few holes in it...maybe you should make yourself a new one.