Thursday, June 5, 2008

Does Sen. Clinton even want the VP slot?

If not, then this could be a lot simpler than had been previously thought.

From MSNBC's First Read:

The New York Times' Nagourney is reporting that the Clinton campaign has released a statement publicly disavowing the campaign by some of her supporters to force Obama to choose her as his running mate.

“While Sen. Clinton has made clear throughout this process that she will do whatever she can to elect a Democrat to the White House, she is not seeking the vice presidency, and no one speaks for her but her,” communications director Howard Wolfson said in a statement to the Times. “The choice here is Sen. Obama’s and his alone.”

More from Nagourney's piece: "The apparent campaign to push Mrs. Clinton onto the ticket was, in its directness, unusual and several Democrats said arguably counterproductive. Aides to Mr. Obama said they were unhappy with the effort and some Democrats outside the campaign said that Mr. Obama could be portrayed to bowing to pressure should he choose Mrs. Clinton to run with him."

And from Time's The Page:

“She knows that the choice is his and his alone. If he offers it to her it will be his choice and if he doesn’t that will be solely his choice. Whatever he wants she will do….

She will do whatever she can and is asked to do to help elect him, but it would be be totally inappropriate for her to campaign for or seek the job. She is exhausted, she has been first lady for 8 years, she loves the Senate, and the choice is his.”

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